Platonic Fullerene Science and also World Tranquility

The national or tribal political will that puts contemporary science as well as innovation to function, seeks to control financial work for the masses and also maintain a defense structure to make sure the extension of political power. This can be carried out in the name of freedom, plutocracy, tyranny, faith, monarchies, etc. All vie to create psychological mind control spin-aesthetics to persuade their topics that they are much better off than their competitor nations or tribes. It complies with that the concept of a one globe federal government need to constitute a risk to such various mind control systems. However, it is feasible to override this problem by using rigorous scientific research to develop a lasting clinical code of principles, developed particularly to assist civilization into a state of perpetual globe peace rather than continuous dispute. The only thing preventing this to happen is science itself.

As the complete potential of nanotechnology emerges, nations with nuclear tools at their disposal will start to become aware that they will quickly be no more shielded by them. It is obvious that advanced nano-machines will be able to standardize undetectable nano-weapons of mass damage and also there are lots of prepared activists who would certainly be substantially honoured to utilize them against noncombatant populaces. Some might proclaim this to be a natural culling of people on an overpopulated world. There will be lots of high-level armed forces employees determined to make use of nanotechnology to stop the spiritual zealots. On the other hand, nanotechnology has the prospective to create anything from extremely little, consisting of the building and construction of food as well as water. Without an accountable science those controlling Fullerene nanoparticles will bring hell on planet. However, with an accountable scientific research to guide them to it, utopia is feasible. In order to obtain that paradise, the scientific will to produce it has to initially exist.


The fanatic will to produce fierce destruction is not restricted to spiritual activists who inflict immediate entropic devastation upon innocent civilians. This obsessed will is fundamentally standard to mostly all highly experienced researchers too. The dominating clinical world-view’s need to relocate private citizens towards entropic devastation is just as fanatical, yet it operates in a slower and also much more organized manner. Scientists need to understand why this is an exact representation of the mainstream scientific state of mind and also to dissociate themselves from an inner compulsion to worship devastating turmoil.

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