Understand about various locks

The threshing lock is a type of lock that works with a cam system that actuates the opening and closing of the door.  We come across this kind of lock every day, for example when we go to look for our mail in the letterbox …

Generally the cam locks are not a type of lock that you will find on a particular front door.  It is a small lock that we will install on letter boxes or indoor furniture such as a secretary for example. But you can also find these locks on technical rooms EDF, GDF, fire department …  This is called a technical threshing cam lock.

The operation of a this lock is simple: once the key has been inserted into the bolt of the lock, it will move either in a pivot or in a half-turn and trigger the opening of the door.

The benefit of equipping your letterbox or technical room with this lock.  It can be opened by other users than us!  For example :

The postman, when the slot in the letterbox is not wide enough to fit a small parcel or large fold.  This will prevent us from having to pick up our package at the post office.

 An EDF agent who comes to read the meters of a building when the owner is not there.

 A firefighter who would like to access an electrical duct in the event of a technical problem.

To open it, they will use technical keys specially designed to open these locks: square key, rectangle key, triangle key …

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